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November 2004
Hollywood Comes Out for Premiere

November 2004
L Word
Premiere Party

October 2004
Curve Magazine
Lights! Camera! Lesbians!

August 2004
Filmmaker Magazine

July 2004 Lesbianation
10 Amazing Women in Showbiz

March 2004

January 2004
Variety review of D.E.B.S.

January 2004
here @Sundance
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December 2003
She Magazine

December 2, 2003

Summer 2003
MovieMaker Magazine

July 3, 2003

June 2003
She Magazine
The Reel Power in POWER UP

May 13, 2003
Daily Variety

May 1, 2003
Daily Variety

April 25, 2003
Daily Variety
Power Play

April 2003
Interview with Stacy Codikow

January 2003
OUT Magazine
Power Premiere

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November/December 2002 Screentalk Stacy Codikow - Empowering Lesbian Writers & Filmmakers

November 7, 2002 E-Online The Awful Truth

October 2002 The Advocate Action! with POWER UP

October 2002 Written By In Full Bloom

August 2002 Female FYI Stacy Codikow Building A Community One Person At A Time

July 11, 2002 Daily Variety What's On Your Major Studio Wish List?

July 4, 2002 Chicago Free Press POWER UP unites lesbians in the entertainment industry

May 17, 2002 Gay Wired Notes from Hollywood

May 8, 2002 SF Weekly Sister Act

May 9, 2002 Lesbianation Power Dykes support POWER UP
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December 8, 2001 The Los Angeles Times Hollywood Reaches Out to Lesbians

December 4, 2001 The Hollywood Reporter Women In Entertainment Giving Back

December 2001 Notes from Hollywood POWER UP for a Great Time!

November 2001 She Magazine She's Top 10

October 2001 The Pink Sheet Women Making A Difference With Positive Energy

September 2001 Woman's Monthly POWER UP empowers gay women

July 4, 2001 IN Magazine LA POWER UP… One Great Step for Mankind

July 3, 2001 LA Times.com Networking in LA: The PowersThat Be

June 21, 2001 LesbiaNation New York POWER'S UP

May 2001 Cybersocket The Emerging Lesbian Power in Hollywood

April 27, 2001 LesbiaNation Empowered Lesbians Alter Hollywood Landscape

April 2001 Girlfriends Magazine POWER UP Girls

March 15, 2001 Technodyke Powering Up the New Girls Club

March 27, 2001 Advocate Magazine POWER UP!

March 5, 2001 Frontiers Magazine Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

February 2001 OutMagazine Scene Out

January 1, 2001 She Magazine The Women of POWER UP Achieving Success

January 1, 2001 CURVE Magazine Lessons of the Gay Hookup in Hollywood

January 1, 2001 Girlfriends Magazine Who's Out Now

February 10, 2001, THE ADVOCATE shoots POWER UP for inclusion in the March Hollywood issue
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December 11, 2000 Daily Variety POWER UP Announces Its Board

December 6, 2000 LesbiaNation/Gaywired.com New Women's Entertainment Professional Organization

December 5, 2000 The Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment-Power 50

December 1, 2000 PrideISP Power Player

November 3, 2000 Washingtonblade.com POWER to the People

November 1, 2000 Female FYI "POWER UP" Womens Group Creates A Buzz & Offers Support

November 1, 2000 Lesbian News Hollywood Lesbians Form New Organization

November 1, 2000 Watermark Hoo-Gay For Hollywood

October 18, 2000 The Hollywood Reporter Film Shorts

October 11, 2000 Bay Windows Tinseltown lesbians organize to better their lot

October 11, 2000 Chicago Free Press POWER in Numbers

October 11, 2000 Variety POWER UP announcement

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