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Fiscal Sponsorship

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Fiscal Sponsorship is a service where a Film or Project can be produced under POWER UP’s 501(c)(3) non-profit status in order to facilitate the Filmmaker’s ability to make her/his project, while POWER UP also provides unequalled advice and film & career consultation.

Many granting and funding sources, including Foundations, Government, Corporations and Individual and Private Donors, will give only to non-profit organizations with IRS tax-exempt status. Since acquiring this status is a lengthy, involved and costly process, filmmakers can enter into a Fiscal Sponsorship contract with a non-profit organization, like POWER UP, to receive tax-exempt status for a specific project, film or event by which the filmmaker can raise monies.

Working with a Fiscal Sponsor allows an individual to solicit funds from a wide range of sources, including but not limited to State or Federal Governments, Foundations, Corporations, Individuals and any other philanthropic entities who might not be inclined to give money to the project. More importantly, these donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law, which incentivizes your donors to give more than they would otherwise.

As the Fiscal Sponsor, POWER UP receives all funds given to the project and passes these funds on to the filmmaker as necessary. POWER UP maintains accurate ledgers and records of transactions as required by grant guidelines and/or federal law.

To qualify for the Fiscal Sponsorship Program, you must be a POWER UP Member at the Professional level (or above.) We can extend fiscal sponsorship to any entity (meaning an individual or a business) that has a United States IRS-issued Social Security number, tax ID or EIN and a valid U.S. mailing address.

Like most Fiscal Sponsors, POWER UP charges an administrative fee for all monies received for the project. This seven percent (7%) fee covers POWER UP’s financial oversight, bookkeeping, timely disbursement of funds, reporting to funders, financial documentation for prospective sources, web-listing of projects, grant-application and technical assistance, consulting services and more.

According to standard principles and law, projects contracted with a Fiscal Sponsor the project must be consistent with POWER UP’s ongoing pursuit of education, diversity, equality and amazing films!

POWER UP is dedicated to supporting emerging and established filmmakers and, in that pursuit, POWER UP’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program is designed to help you step-by-step through the process of getting your film funded, made and seen.


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