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Development Program

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Members in good standing may submit feature screenplay at any time to the Development program for possible production.
POWER UP will ONLY accept screenplay from CURRENT POWER UP MEMBERS.


Applicant/s, _________________________________________________________ /
_________________________________________________________________________ /
_________________________________________________ (Hand write name's), hereby applies as a Writer________, Director _____________ or Writer/Director_____________ combo (initial one of the aforementioned categories) to the Professional Organization of Women in Entertainment Reaching Up (POWER UP) for consideration for development for a Feature Film. As such, Applicant/s hereby agrees to all POWER UP's rules and conditions whether oral, written or otherwise.
Applicant/s Initials:_________/__________.

Applicant/s hereby agree that if Applicant/s is selected Applicant/s must be able to be available for all stages of the film production process, as determined by POWER UP, and that any films will be produced by the POWER UP Executive Directors and shot on location in Los Angeles, CA, USA, at a time to be determined by POWER UP.
Applicant/s Initials:_________/__________.

Applicant hereby acknowledges and agrees that all rights to any screenplay selected will be assigned to POWER UP via another contract and any film made through the POWER UP Feature Film Production Program with be the sole property of POWER UP.
Applicant/s Initials:_________/__________.

Applicant/s hereby agrees to enter in to a full length contract with POWER UP as a condition precedent to being selected.
Applicant/s Initials:_________/__________.

Applicant/s hereby understands and agrees to following terms, rules and conditions:

1) All submissions must be made by professional members of POWER UP in good standing.

2) Screenplays from any genre, style, topic or perspective will be considered and reviewed on its merits regarding the quality of the material. Screenplays need not be women or gay themed.

3) The rights of all Screenplays submitted must be owned by the Applicant/s in their entirety and be free and clear of any third party interests or encumbrances. Any Screenplay submitted must
be able to be assigned, in its entirety, to POWER UP in the event that it is selected. The persons and or persons submitting the screenplay must be the author's of the screenplay and own all its rights in their entirely. (ie: all screenplays may not have been previously sold, or produced, licensed, optioned or otherwise had any rights transferred to a third party.)
Applicant/s Initials:_________/__________.

5) Screenplays must be in standard screenplay format, three-hole punched, typed, bound, with cardboard covers and brads and should not exceed 110 pages. The title page should have the title on it and your contact information.

6) Multiple submissions require separate application forms and materials.

7) Applicant/s hereby understands and agrees that submission does not guarantee that Applicant/s will be selected. POWER UP retains sole discretion regarding acceptance issues, terms and regulations, including whether or not any Applicant is chosen and a film made.
Applicant/s Initials:_________/__________.

8) Screenplays must be the original work of Applicant/s. Any derivative work - if the screenplay is based upon another work in any medium - must be submitted with proper legal documentation proving that those submitting the screenplay also own the underlying rights or the derivative rights in their entirety. If the screenplay is another person's life story, whether loosely or strictly based, Applicant/s must provide a signed statement to that effect by Applicant's and supporting legal documentation verifying that Applicant/s has the right to make such an adaptation.
Applicant/s Initials:_________/__________.

9) Applicant's hereby agrees that, if selected, Applicant's will be engaged as a‚ work for hire‚ and, as such, all rights including, but not limited to, those in/to the selected screenplay and subsequent film will be the sole property of POWER UP. If chosen, Applicant hereby agrees to enter into a Writer's Agreement and/or a Director's Agreement, as applicable, assigning all rights and title to POWER UP and, as such, Applicant will have no claim to ownership in the screenplay or subsequent film. Said Writer's Agreement and/or Director's Agreement will further delineate the terms of engagement (including fee's), assignment and execution of the rights and obligations between and of Applicant/s and POWER UP, including POWER UP maintaining all final creative approval and the right to terminate the writer and/or director at any time without notification or cause.
Applicant/s Initials:_________/__________.

Applicant/s understands and hereby agrees that all screening, distribution and showcasing of Applicant's work in/to the film will be done under POWER UP's sole control and discretion.
Applicant/s Initials:_________/__________.

10) Each Applicant must be POWER UP professional, silver or gold members at the time of submission and in good standing through the completion on the film. Any Membership fees, donations and/or expenses incurred by Applicant/s are non-refundable and, as such, POWER UP shall not be obligated in any manner to provide reimbursement to any Applicant, accepted or otherwise, once Applicant has submitted materials. Please note that your membership is tax deductible.
Applicant/s Initials:_________/__________.

11) Application materials must be mailed or delivered to: POWER UP
419 N. Larchmont Boulevard, #283
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Materials will not be returned--Do not send originals. For your own protection, we advise registering your material with the WGA and/or copyrighting any material you submit.


Address ____________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip ______________________________________________________
Home Phone ________________________________________________________
Work Phone _________________________________________________________
E-Mail ______________________________________________________________
Fax ________________________________________________________________
POWER UP membership level Professional Silver Gold ________________________
Current Occupation (day job) ___________________________________________
Title of Screenplay:____________________________________________________
Length of Screenplay: _________________________________________________
Log Line:____________________________________________________________

419 N. Larchmont Blvd., #283 Los Angeles, CA 90004
323 463-3154
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Applicant/s hereby understands and agrees to all the terms, conditions, rules and regulations stated in the Application above. Applicant/s further understand that compliance with the above terms, conditions, rules and regulations and entering into a Writer's Agreement and/or Director's Agreement is a condition precedent to selection and production.

Signed_______________________________ (Applicant 1)
Print Name ___________________________ (Applicant 1)

Signed_______________________________(Applicant 2), if applicable
Print Name ___________________________ (Applicant 2), if applicable


419 N. Larchmont Blvd., #283
Los Angeles CA 90004
Phone (323) 463-3154



POWER UP is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Film Production Company & Educational Organization