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Tracy Ryerson

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Tracy Ryerson

“It’s such an incredible honor to be recognized by POWER UP and included amongst so many amazing, inspiring, and talented women in the community. Your continued fight for LGBT visibility is necessary and admirable.”


A New Jersey native, Tracy Ryerson received a degree in Biology and Film from the University of Miami. Almost ten years ago, she made the long-awaited trek out to Hollywood and immediately started working for a top literary agency in Beverly Hills. Eventually, Tracy found her way to Jerry Weintraub Productions on the Warner Bros lot, where she oversaw the development and production of several movies, including Oceans 13, Nancy Drew, and Tarzan. Around the time that she sold Speedy Gonzales and also started playing in the television development game, Tracy was approached to star in the hit Showtime reality series, The Real L Word. The experience was cathartic, necessary, and most importantly, has made an impact in media where LGBT visibility matters.

Tracy has since hosted several charity events and comedy shows, which include JQ International's Single de Mayo, GirlBar's Dinah Shore Weekend, presenting at the GLAAD Awards, and more. She is a producer, commercial actress, model, and is currently penning a semi-autobiographical book detailing the trials and tribulations of being an "Insta-Mom". (Her girlfriend, Stamie, has 3 kids!) A former band geek and pop culture junkie, she has finally embraced her chicken legs and realized that you can achieve just about anything once you're comfortable in your own skin. Tracy has been interested in collaboration, story-telling and photography from a young age, and is an active advocate for equal rights, especially when it pertains to the gay community. Mostly, she loves challenging stereotypes and demonstrating that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. Most recently, Tracy has created a website called www.OurFifteenMinutes.com that caters to building a safe and welcoming community where people can upload their coming-out stories and just be themselves. She's currently developing and pitching tv shows, trying her hand in the hosting world, and figuring out how to negotiate with 4 year olds.


419 N. Larchmont Blvd., #283
Los Angeles CA 90004
Phone (323) 463-3154



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