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Kathy Wolfe

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Kathy Wolfe

“I am honored to be acknowledged by POWER UP, an organization that plays such an important role in the development of lesbian and gay film and filmmakers.”

Kathy Wolfe is a successful businesswoman who is as comfortable with 21st century DVD technology as she is collecting artifacts of the Historic West. After getting her Masters degree in art, Kathy founded a specialty graphics and advertising company (which grew to thirteen offices); then, in 1985, established Wolfe Video as a vehicle for community building and social change. Wolfe Video began as a small mail order distribution outlet for LGBT films. In 25 years, Wolfe has grown to be the most successful exclusive distributor of LGBT themed films on DVD and video on demand via the internet and television. This anniversary year, Kathy has received many honors including NCLR’s “Community Partner Award” and Philadelphia Q Fest’s “Barbara Gittings Award.” Of her company’s impact, Kathy says, “When I look at Wolfe, how it began and what it’s become, I am so proud of the way that we’ve made images of our lives visible and accessible to the world at-large; and (even more importantly) in the way that those authentic images have empowered so many individuals to be themselves.”



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