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DustinWith the current climate, POWER UP saw this as a time, more than any other, where our GLBTQ community‚ Women & Men‚ needs to be unified to help achieve our collective goal of equality, representation and acceptance, stated Stacy Codikow, POWER UP‚ Founder & Executive Director, POWER UP knows that we are in this together and is working to advance our collective interests.

As such, in 2009 POWER UP is going Co-Ed. We are adding men to our Honorary Board of Directors and will have our first list of‚10 Amazing Gay Men in Showbiz‚ as well. Although our mission was geared to gay women, the reality is that POWER UP has always been an integrated organization and has supported men & women, gay & straight within the educational programs and POWER UP has even made two award winning films for men‚ STARCROSSED starring Marshall Allman and BILLY'S DAD IS A FUDGE-PACKER starring Robert Gant.

POWER UP's new additions to the Honorary Board of Directors include: Dustin Lance Black, writer MILK, BIG LOVE, Allan Brocka, Executive Producer RICK & STEVE, HAPPIEST GAY COUPLE IN THE WORLD; Bruce Cohen Producer AMERICAN BEAUTY, MILK; Jim Dobson, President of Indie PR; Robert Greenblatt, President of Showtime Networks Inc.; Michael Lombardo, President of Programming Group & West Coast Operations of HBO and Peter Paige actor/director SAY UNCLE.

These men join the exciting Honorary Board of Directors: Jehan Agrama, Jamie Babbit, Leslie Belzberg, Roberta Bennett, Esq., Debra Chasnoff, Donna Deitch, Gina G. Goff, Jan Oxenberg, Kimberly Peirce, Angela Robinson, Lee Rose and Andrea Sperling.

POWER UP's most successful educational curriculum has been its unique Filmmaking Program, through which POWER UP has produced 14 films over the last 8 years and has launched careers for countless women in all fields. Some examples of those success stories include: writer/director Angela Robinson (D.E.B.S., HERBIE: FULLY LOADED, THE L WORD); writer/director Jessica Sharzer (SPEAK and the untitled DUSTY SPRINGFIELD PROJECT); writer/director Cherien Dabis (AMREEKA in directors fortnight at 2009 Cannes, producer THE L WORD); and writer/director Colette Burson (Creator of the HBO series HUNG.)

POWER UP's film successes include: (1) ITTY BITTY TITTY COMMITTEE, D.E.B.S., BILLY'S DAD IS A FUDGE-PACKER, LITTLE BLACK BOOT, STUCK, STARCROSSED and PROM-TROVERSY; (2) being an Official Selection of the Sundance Film Festival for four years in a row, including an honorable mention; (3) Hundreds of Awards, including the South by Southwest “Best Narrative Feature Jury Prize for POWER UP's first feature, ITTY BITTY TITTY COMMITTEE and (4) Record breaking Opening Weekend ticket sales for the ITTY BITTY TITTY COMMITTEE Theatrical Release.

In 2008 POWER UP started the Public Service Announcement Program, where we have produced and distributed 23 spots for Marriage Equality PSA Campaigns: (1) the STOP THE HATE, VOTE NO ON 8, which was the only celebrity NO ON PROP 8 commercial which included Amy Brenneman, Cameron Manheim, Christine Lahti, Sara Ramirez, Tyne Daley, Melanie Mayron, Melonie Diaz, Sally Kirkland, Wilson Cruz and more; and (2) the GET TO KNOW US FIRST Campaign, which is the first campaign with real gay families that is currently airing on all major networks in California. POWER UP also produced an important STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE music video for the out-artist Melange Lavonne.



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POWER UP is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Film Production Company & Educational Organization